Propane Tank Safety Dos And Don’ts

9 December 2015
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Propane tanks are used in a number of different contexts, from industrial manufacturing to residential barbecuing. The size of a propane tank can vary greatly depending on what it's being used for, but the fact always remains that there are some important safety guidelines that must be followed at all times when handling, storing, and transporting a propane tank of any size. DO Check for Leaks Before Each Use Every time you swap out an old propane tank with a new one or prepare to use a propane tank that's been in storage for awhile, it's important to check it for leaks. Read More 

Exposing Misconceptions About Live Auctions

2 November 2015
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Going to an auction at a house like Gary Hanna Auctions Ltd can be an exciting experience that can offer the opportunity to purchase rare items for excellent prices. Unfortunately, going to the auction house can be a daunting experience the first time, and this is especially true for those that believe some of the misconceptions circling these institutions. If you are considering attending an auction, you should make sure that you understand the truth behind the following couple of misconceptions. Read More 

Methods And Manners Of Plastic Fabrication

2 July 2015
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Plastic fabrication is an integral part of the production and merchandising of goods. From plastic figurines to hardened plastic tool kits, oyster-shell packaging to airplane components, plastic fabrication forms the framework upon which much of our modern world is built. Plastic fabrication machines and methods vary by tool, company, or product need, but in general there are six fabrication methods used to produce plastic products: dip molding, blow molding, vacuum forming, injection molding, plastic extruding, and rotational molding. Read More 

Beer Label Design Tips For Microbrewery Owners

31 May 2015
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Are you the owner of a microbrewery who's looking to increase yor profits? One key to selling more of your beer is having a compelling label on the bottle. This article examines some of the key considerations to keep in mind when developing a beer label for your product. Color The use of color on your beer label is crucial. Customers are attracted to certain colors and having colors that stand out might lead someone to look at your product more closely and eventually make a purchase. Read More 

Cutting Sheet Metal: 3 Important Safety Considerations

18 May 2015
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Cutting sheet metal is necessary in a number of situations and is something that requires a great deal of precision, skill, and care. After all, sheet metal can be very sharp and jagged--especially after it's been cut from a larger sheet. If you work with sheet metal as part of your employment, then you probably are already aware of the necessary precautions to take. However, if you need to cut sheet metal at home as a DIY project and you're not quite experienced working with this material, there are some basic safety considerations you simply must follow. Read More