Beer Label Design Tips For Microbrewery Owners

31 May 2015
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Are you the owner of a microbrewery who's looking to increase yor profits? One key to selling more of your beer is having a compelling label on the bottle. This article examines some of the key considerations to keep in mind when developing a beer label for your product.


The use of color on your beer label is crucial. Customers are attracted to certain colors and having colors that stand out might lead someone to look at your product more closely and eventually make a purchase.  For example, a study of how color affects people indicates that the color red makes people feel more energetic, while a light yellow makes them feel more optimistic and spontaneous. So choosing red and yellow for your label colors could encourage them to buy your product as an impulse purchase. This is just one example, you have many other color options as well.


The text on your beer label is another key consideration. Of course, you will have your product name on the label, but you also want to tell the customer about the beer's attributes in a succinct way. For example if you are targeting high-end customers, use words like "premium" on your label. Another good idea is to place your website address on the label. This gives the customer an easy way to find out more about your company and products.


The font on your label is a design aspect that is easy to overlook, but it is a key element. The most important consideration regarding your font is readability. A customer should have no trouble reading your label when they is several feet away. This allows someone to clearly understand the text on your label when they are walking down the aisle of a retail store. Also, choose a font that matches the image you want your beer to project. If you have a beer aimed at a younger, hipper crowd, for instance, select a font that is bold and eye-catching.


You have the choice of selecting either a matte or glossy finish for the surface of the label. A matte finish projects a more subdued look, while a glossy finish is more visually arresting. The best choice may depend on your target market. If you are trying attract older, wealthier customers for instance, you may want to use a matte finish, which has a more elegant and classic appearance.

Creating a great beer label is not necessarily easy, but it's definitely worth the time and effort involved. Contact a company like Precision Label Ltd for beer labels.