Using Industrial Steel For Interest And Functionality In Your Home

1 February 2016
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Whether you would like to add a unique design element to your home or improve its functionality, incorporating industrial steel can be a great choice. Here are five ways you can use industrial steel sheets in a residential setting.

Shower Surround

Using sheet metal in a shower surround can be both practical and beautiful. Steel can take a beating in high-traffic bathrooms, so it's an ideal option for kids' showers or stalls where you bathe pets. Pair it with a natural stone floor to warm up the room and add an organic element to offset the industrial look of the walls.

Accent Wall

Instead of paint or exposed brick, which can be pricey, why not try an accent wall of industrial steel? You can also use steel sheets to cover an ugly wall that can't be easily disguised with paint or other treatments.

Steel walls are perfect for places that would otherwise be subject to damage from the sun or moisture, since it's resistant to corrosion and fading and won't rot like wood. It can add a unique, modern touch to any room, but steel also works with rustic decor.


If you're not ready for a full metal wall, give corrugated steel sheeting a try in place of wainscoting. This is an especially practical choice for places like

  • kids rooms
  • recreational spaces
  • garages or work rooms
  • pet areas
  • mudrooms
  • laundry rooms

You'll appreciate not having any painting maintenance to do in these areas, which would otherwise be quite frequent, and all you have to do is wipe down the metal wall if it gets soiled.


Because of its versatility in any decor, industrial steel also looks wonderful as a kitchen backsplash. You get the same practicality as with an accent wall or wainscoting, and it won't be like anything you see at your neighbors' houses.

Just like with use in a shower as mentioned above, try to mix natural building elements with steel sheeting to keep your kitchen from looking too sterile. Industrial steel pairs quite well with brick, distressed wood, and stone.

Bar or Kitchen Island Sidewalls

If you have a kitchen bar or island, you know how much abuse the sidewalls can take, especially if you have little feet kicking them or pets rubbing up against them. This is another ideal location for industrial steel, where it can provide the same easy maintenance and durability it does as wall material.

As a final note, if you use a large-scale supplier of industrial steel sheets, instead of a home supply store or lumber yard, you'll likely get a larger selection of resilient material to work with. They'll also have the resources to laser cut your steel sheets to your exact project specifications, so your industrial steel elements work perfectly wherever you choose to use them. Consider using steel by Enterprize Steel & Sales or similar companies in your next home improvement project.