Dumpster Rental Questions To Have Answered

27 April 2017
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The utility of a dumpster when clearing away renovation waste or household items you want to rid the home of cannot be overstated. Instead of having to deal with transporting all your waste yourself, it's much easier to have a dumpster dropped off and taken away by a rental service. However, there are some questions that do need to be addressed in order to do everything correctly. If this is your first experience, you'll need to ask the following.

Where Should I Put It?

Your very first thought could be that right on the lawn is the easiest place to have the dumpster dropped. After all, you may reason that it will be right next to the front door, which much of your waste could be coming from. However, you may just not realize how heavy the equipment is; when it's got pounds of your things in it, it will weigh even more. When it's finally time to haul the dumpster away, you may end up with flattened grass and deep indentations in your lawn that will take work and money to deal with.

Instead, have the dumpster dropped on your asphalt or cement driveway. If you don't have a driveway, you may opt for a curbside dropoff on the public street. If you do this, though, find out if you're going to need a city or town permit. Many localities require documentation, and violation can mean that you'll be paying your local government a fine. Don't wait for the dumpster rental service to determine whether permits are needed; a quick call can tell you what you need to know.

Do You Have a List of Prohibited Things?

Most reputable rental services refuse to carry particular items, in most cases because they are hazardous or in some other way unable to be handled by their staff. Ask for their list so that you're aware of what you need to separate out beforehand. For instance, paint thinner, tires and fuel are some items that could be mentioned.

What is the Dumpster's Load Limit?

In your enthusiasm, it's easy to put "just a few more things" in the dumpster and hope that it will be hauled away even though you can see your items peeking out of the top. This can be dangerous for others on the road if something drops and can be difficult for staff to deal with onsite. Therefore, be sure you are absolutely certain about when you should stop loading the dumpster to ensure it's not too full.

These questions are vital when using any dumpster. There may be more questions; in that case, sit down with a good rental service or visit a site like http://www.tcmdumpsters.com until you feel you've got enough information to proceed with the dumpster.