Organizing Your Craft Store's Supplies With Help From Storage Bins

3 May 2017
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If you own a craft store, you may have thought about purchasing some storage bins to house smaller items for customers to browse. There are several different types of bins available, and each of them will work well in a craft store environment for particular products. Here are some ideas you can use within your craft store to make items easy to sift through and select.

Use Rolling Carts for Craft Workshops

Many craft stores provide hands-on workshops for customers to try making decorations for their home. Using a rolling cart to carry a variety of craft supplies will make it easy for the craft store's instructor to move the supplies needed to different areas in the store. This way, the projects can be swapped each week with ease, and supplies to make them will be within reach. When a project is over, the instructor can push the cart back to the shelving inventory to place supplies back where they were retrieved.

Place a Variety of Supplies in Stackable Containers

Consider purchasing stackable containers to use for specific supplies. These containers can be used to separate different colors of yarn and twine, various sizes of beads, or unique types of shells. Customers will have the benefit in seeing all of the products in a neat area, making it easy to find the specific ones they need to buy for their crafting needs. Use bins with an open front area. This way a customer can slide their hand inside of the bin holding the supplies they need, making it a cinch to grab several to place in a cart or hand basket. The bins can also be labeled to make it easier to find items needed.

Use Sectioned Bins to Keep Items Separate

Bins with sectioned portions make it a lot easier for small items to remain with like ones. Purchasing bins in many sizes with these barriers in place will allow you to sort through your supplies and keep them from becoming jumbled with other items. This type of storage bin works well for hardware, jewelry components, wooden letters, stencils, or embroidery floss colors. To keep the bins from getting knocked over, place each one on top of a piece of wood and affix it directly to a shelving unit shelf. The wood piece can be removed from the shelf when desired to easily remove the inventory pieces if you wish to replace them with new types.

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