Centrifugal Fans: An Introduction To This Logical Component Of Industrial HVAC Systems

21 May 2017
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The task of keeping the climate inside of your business building comfortable can be quite the feat and quite expensive, but well worth the investment for your business and the employees inside. As the owner of an industrial property, it is important to get a little familiar with things like the HVAC system and its components so maintenance needs are a little more obvious. One of the primary components of most industrial HVAC systems is the centrifugal blower. This blower makes air circulation through a large area a possibility and serves a valuable purpose in the entire system. Take a look at these common questions industrial business owners have about centrifugal blowers.

What exactly is a centrifugal blower?

A centrifugal blower is a like a fan housed in a sturdy metal shell. The fan inside of this blower contains blades that are vertical in form and wrapped around a central turning unit. Because the blades of the fan reach from the center to the walls of the blower, it creates a tight, encapsulated area that holds onto air that is pulled in without a great deal of air loss in the process. These fans are capable of creating high-velocity air that can easily be fed through the industrial HVAC system.

Why are centrifugal blowers advantageous for an industrial setting?

Centrifugal blowers work well in an industrial setting for a few reasons. The biggest reason these blowers are ideal in industrial buildings is because they have the capability of producing forced air that comes through at a high velocity,, which is important for even air and heat distribution throughout the large space. However, centrifugal blowers are also highly resilient, which means they can be incorporated on the top of a building if necessary without creating concerns of sustaining damage. 

Are centrifugal blowers difficult to maintain?

For the most part, centrifugal blower systems will not need a great deal of attention from you as the owner. Their unique design makes the inner operating components practically impenetrable by outside moisture and the components themselves are typically created from highly durable materials, like steel and cast aluminum, that will not break down easily. The level of maintenance required for your centrifugal blower, however, will depend on its design and the manufacturer of the product. In some cases, you will need to occasionally have the inner components lubricated or cleaned to keep the fan moving in a free-flowing fashion. 

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