Septic System Protection Actions You Can Take

27 September 2017
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With everything happening in your house every day, there's not much time for thoughts about the house's septic system. Neglect of the system, however, could end up giving you even more to put on your plate. Simple actions taken by you and others in your home--like the ones below--are going to enable the system to remain healthy.

Using Glass Jars

Washing dishes is a task done as part of the daily routine. It's usually done quickly in order to get to the next part of the day, and grease, oils and food debris will typically find their way down into the kitchen sink drain. This can turn into crud which sits and solidifies inside the pipes, interfering with smooth flow of water into the outdoor septic tank. 

A quick way to avoid that is setting a glass jar on the countertop near the sink. Whenever you've been cooking with oils, deposit the oil into the jar before washing the pans and dishes.

Trim Trees

When you've got lovely trees in the yard, you may not imagine that they have to do with your pipes and septic system. However, tree roots could possibly disrupt flood in one or more of your pipes, causing blockages that cannot be fixed from inside the house. If you've got a stubborn clog that doesn't ever seem to respond to your efforts to clear it, that could be the cause. Therefore, it's best to trim trees down so that roots don't continue to reach more deeply into the soil and affect pipes.

Use Liquid Detergents

Bathrooms and kitchens aren't the only places that you've got to consider the health of a septic system. The washing machine is a location where you can make positive choices for the septic lines too. Powder detergents are preferred by some, but part of the reason the powder doesn't become clumped together is that there are clay ingredients. These ingredients can stick inside pipes or septic lines, building up in a similar way that oils do. Switching to liquids is an easy action you can start taking to preserve the septic lines.

Get Tank Flushed

Tank flushing seems almost unnecessary sometimes. However, a flush ensures that the tank is both cleaned and assessed by septic experts who can alert you about tank damage or insufficient bacteria in the tank to break down all solid materials. Have the tank flushed and then ask when it should happen again.

Your septic system doesn't need much attention, but it could benefit from attention to the above things. Visit a site like or consult local experts for more specific property advice.