Has Your Industrial Plant Reviewed Boiler Safety Lately With Your Floor-Level Staff?

12 February 2019
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Is your plant prepared for a boiler emergency? If your boiler's temperature starts to quickly rise dangerously high and it needs to be shut down and the plant evacuated at the same time, does everyone working on the floor know their responsibilities in this type of emergency scenario?

As a plant manager, it's important you think about these things well before a crisis happens. If you haven't thought about boiler emergencies in a while, then let today be the day you take some time out of your busy schedule to ensure your plant's employees are prepared and know their roles.

Some of the most important aspects of industrial boiler safety for floor-level employees are reviewed below to get you started:

Every Employee Needs to Know the Location of All Emergency Shut-Off Valves and Alarm Stations

Before ever setting foot on your plant's floor, every employee needs to know where the emergency shut off valves for the boiler and fire alarm stations are located. Each should be clearly marked with easy-to-read signage.

Ask your employees today if they know these locations, and if not, host a short tour.

If Your Job Doesn't Involve Shutting Down the Boiler, Get Yourself and Co-Workers Safely Evacuated

When emergency situations happen some people run away while others rush in to help. It's important your staff have a clear understanding that they either have a role in shutting down the boiler, or they need to work at getting themselves and their co-workers safely out of the area. Overheating boilers are at risk of exploding, and they also pose a risk of flooding the area with boiling hot water.

Does Everyone Know the Location of the Safety Gathering Area?

Since plants with boilers do sometimes need to evacuate for emergency situations or drills, your company needs a dedicated safety gathering area that is offsite and away from any potential danger if the boiler were to explode. This ensures your employees are safe, and it makes it easier for you to account for each and every employee as quickly as possible.

Call Your Boiler Service Company as Soon as It's Safe

Once your staff has the boiler shut down, and the building has been safely evacuated, then it's time to place a call to a local boiler installation and service company to determine the next steps. All industrial boilers that have overheated or had other operational problems require professional inspections and repairs before they are brought back into service.