What's In A Bucket? That Depends On What You Need The Bucket To Do!

2 June 2019
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Buckets and pails are as old as time. Before plastic was invented, people used wooden pails and woven reed buckets to haul everything from bread and water to animal droppings. Now, you can get all kinds of plastic pails and buckets from dozens of plastic pail suppliers and bucket manufacturers. So, what is in these plastic buckets? That depends on what you want the bucket to do, or what you want the bucket to hold. The following examples will give you some ideas on some of the amazing plastic pail/bucket options and what they can do. 

Heat-Resistant Plastic

High-performance thermoplastics are plastics that have been designed to resist extreme heat temperatures. Other thermoplastics become viscous with the application of heat, but high-performance thermoplastics remain solid. You can burn things in these buckets, if you need to, or you can tote hot coals or fire-starter materials in them. Hot asphalt can be carried around in them. It may even be possible to carry small amounts of lava short distances, but industrial companies are still looking into that application. At any rate, if you want your bucket to survive a fire or resist heat from something you place inside it, this is the bucket or pail for you. 

Heavy-Duty, Nearly Unbreakable Plastic

If you drop some pails and buckets from on high, they tend to break. If you accidentally roll over a bucket, it will probably crack and/or break. However, if you invest in heavy-duty, nearly unbreakable plastic pails, you are going to need a wrecking ball to break these pails/buckets. It is something to consider if you tend to go through a lot of pails and buckets at work, and spend way too much money replacing them. 

Corrosive Chemical-Resistant Plastic

Buckets and pails used for toting liquid chemicals are so important to so many industries. The problem is, not all plastics can resist the more corrosive properties of some chemicals. The chemicals are able to either weaken the plastic, making it almost rubbery, or eat holes through the plastic, which causes dangerous leaks of these chemicals. If you want to use plastic pails/buckets with lids for the transport of said chemicals, then you need to invest in corrosive chemical-resistant plastic ones. Everything stays in the bucket/pail, and nothing degrades or eats through this kind of plastic. Ask an industrial equipment supplier and/or plastic bucket manufacturer to recommend a pail type for your needs.

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