4 Reasons To Apply A Finish To Your Fasteners

28 November 2020
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Fasteners hold vital components together. The strength and durability of your fasteners is essential to the safety and performance of your industrial machinery.

Most fasteners in use today are made from metal alloys. The properties of these alloys can be enhanced by applying the right finish to your fasteners during production.

1. Appearance

Some of the finishes available for metal fasteners are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of these functional components. Whenever you want to create a cohesive look, you should invest in a finish that will enhance the appearance of all your metal fasteners.

Some of the most common aesthetic finishes include paints of varying colors, black oxide, and chrome. These finishes have no effect on the performance of a fastener, but they can make your fasteners look great.

2. Identification

Some companies work with multiple fasteners that can all look very similar to one another. These similarities can make it challenging for employees to locate the right fastener for a specific application. A lot of time and effort is wasted sorting through fasteners.

Finishes that aid in identification can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your facility.

You can utilize different paint colors to help employees easily tell fasteners apart. These unique identifying finishes will help prevent errors and reduce the amount of time required to complete any assembly processes in your facility.

3. Torque Control

Some finishes are designed to enhance the performance of your metal fasteners. Unique compounds known as torque modifiers can be used to finish any fasteners that will need to hold heavy joints together.

Torque modifiers help to increase the torque capabilities of the fastener. This allows your fasteners to withstand the forces that attempt to pull component joints apart.

Torque control finishes can be more expensive than other types of finishes, but the increased strength of treated fasteners makes the added expense worthwhile. Fasteners with a torque control treatment can ensure that your products remain structurally sound over time.

4. Corrosion Resistance

Metal alloys can begin to deteriorate when they are exposed to the elements. Corroded fasteners become weak, putting your products at risk of falling apart. The easiest way to prevent this type of damage is to treat your fasteners with a finish that makes them resistant to corrosion.

Corrosion resistance finishes play a functional role in improving the strength and performance of any industrial metric fastener made from metal.