Elements To Seek Out In Metallographic Mounting Presses For Sample Preparation And Analysis

15 October 2021
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If you plan on studying materials using microscopes or similar technology, then a metallographic mounting press is a necessary system to invest in. With it, you can encapsulate materials that can then be treated before material analysis takes place. Here are some elements that would benefit your mounting activities. 

Rapid Cooling and Heating Rates

You can make molds around materials being examined through metallographic analysis in a couple of ways, such as cool and hot methods. Whichever type of mold process you plan on supporting, you need a press that allows for rapid heating or cooling rates.

Then it won't take long to complete this mounting process, letting you continue to subsequent stages like polishing without delay. Heating and cooling rates do vary depending on which mounting press you get and the manufacturer responsible for designing it.

Delicate Sample Support

If you plan on studying delicate samples, then you need to make sure your mounting press is set up to support these materials without causing damage when performing this encapsulation process. Mounting presses that have a lot of modes should work fine for delicate materials.

You should be able to specify important metrics like heating and pressure parameters to where sample damage doesn't occur. Then even if you have sensitive materials that need to be studied, you can still secure them in quality molds that are needed to successfully carry out a metallographic analysis. 

Responsive Touch-Screen

Before you can start using a mounting press to create molds around materials being analyzed, you first have to adjust the press to where it supports certain parameters. You'll have an easy time performing these adjustments by going with a mounting press that has a responsive touch-screen in the front.

When you need to select a setting and make relevant adjustments, you can just click on the tab that's appropriate to your mounting operations. The screen will instantly respond and let you have an easier time using this mounting press. You'll just need to keep the screen as clean as you can so that your actions are recorded by the mounting press.

Using a mounting press lets you form molds over materials that will then be put through metallographic analysis. You want to make sure you tailor your search towards models that have specific features because then you'll have better mounting experiences and won't have to question the original selection you made for metallographic testing. 

Reach out to a supplier to order a metallurgical mounting press.