A Brief Introduction To Orbital Welding Benefits, Set Ups, And Equipment

6 May 2022
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Orbital welding was developed out of a need for precision welding for aerospace purposes. Orbital welding is automated welding where the electrode rotates around secured pipes or tubes. This rotating motion is where this form of welding gets the 'orbital' portion of its name. Once orbital welding was perfected, it found its way into many other industries, with just a couple of examples being the food processing industry and the automotive manufacturing industry. You will be able to learn more about this type of welding by finishing the rest of this article. 

Determining when orbital welding should be chosen

Awkward positioning puts welder's safety at risk - One of the times when orbital welding may be preferred is when the production process is going to be difficult to complete manually due to complicated positioning. If the welding process involves positioning that is going to be a risk to the safety of the welder, then orbital welding can provide a safer way to complete the welding. 

There are many welds required - Another time when orbital welding might be preferred is when there is going to be a large quantity of welds that have to be completed. Orbital welding is capable of completing the large amount of welds needed quickly and efficiently due to the automated process and how it is performed. 

Understanding some advantages orbital welding offers 

Precision - Orbital welding performs welds in a way that reduces the chances of human error happening because of the automated and mechanized way in which the process is done. 

Productivity - Orbital welding can really help to increase productivity. This is one of the big reasons why this type of welding is preferred in so many industries that rely on the welding to be completed quickly, while also ensuring the welds are precise. Reducing the instances of mistakes leading to longer production times can help a business to achieve their production goals. Another benefit that factors in with orbital welding is that the machine setup is also more time efficient. 

Organization - Moving to an orbital welding set up can also help to organize the space and the processes in a way that's also helpful to the space. 

The flexibility of orbital welding equipment options

When it comes to the orbital welding setup, there are many options that allow a business to be setup for the level of welding they have to be accomplished. For example, there are smaller power sources, medium power sources, and full-size power sources. This means a smaller scale production can dedicate less space and resources to the orbital welding area. However, larger-scale production can be achieved with the appropriate orbital welding equipment for the task at hand. 

Along with the power sources, some other equipment involved will include things like the wire feeds, weld heads, and the coolant system. Now you have a basic understanding of orbital welding, so you can better understand how it can be used to the benefit of different industries. Look into orbital welding equipment for more information.