Do You Need A New Ice Maker For Your Warehouse?

31 August 2022
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If your employees work under intense conditions, such as excessive heat, you may keep an ice maker and cooler in your warehouse. But if your ice maker doesn't get cold enough to make ice during the day, you may want to invest in a new ice maker soon. Learn why your ice maker won't create ice and which ice maker you can replace it with below. 

Why Won't Your Ice Maker Create Ice?

One of the possible reasons for your ice maker's lack of ice is a bad condenser coil. The coil's main functions are to expel heat out of HVAC equipment and to convert hot refrigerant into an ice-cold liquid. If the coil inside your ice maker stops removing heat out of the system or the refrigerant traveling through it, the machine won't become cold enough to produce ice during the day. 

If your ice maker's condenser coil goes bad, you may want to replace the entire machine. The condenser coil works with other parts inside the machine to create ice, including the expansion valve, the collection sump, and the compressor. If one part fails inside your ice maker, it can have detrimental effects on the rest of the machine's parts.

Even if you replace the condenser coil, your ice maker may still fail in the future. It may be wiser and more cost-effective if you purchase a new ice maker for your warehouse. 

Which Ice Maker Should You Buy?

You don't want to purchase a used ice maker for your warehouse. A used ice maker may still experience the same issues as your current ice maker. You want to contact an industrial equipment and supply contractor and purchase a new ice maker for your warehouse and employees.

You can find a good number of machines for your needs, including air-cooled ice makers. Air-cooled ice makers use the power of air to cool down their condenser coils. The devices come with internal fans that blow cold air over the surfaces of their condenser coils. The coils don't need to expel heat out of the system to condense and cool refrigerant. 

Air-cooled ice machines also produce ice in different sizes and shapes, including large nugget ice cubes. Nugget ice cubes look like chunks of ice. The cubes help prevent the need for workers to overfill their containers with ice. If you wish to save money on your water expenses and HVAC repairs, consider purchasing an air-cooled ice machine that produces nugget ice cubes. 

You can find other ice makers for sale by contacting an industrial equipment and supply contractor today.