Industrial Barrels For Storage

20 March 2023
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Polyethylene barrels are useful for storing food, liquids, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and dry goods. When shopping for industrial barrels, contemplate whether you will be using the barrels for critical or non-critical storage applications. 

Durable Barrels

Industrial tasks often require the storage of bulk materials. Using corrugated containers, wooden crates, or aluminum containers for storage may not provide the level of protection you are seeking. Items that are prone to moisture damage or contamination should be stored within a waterproof container that provides thermal protection.

Polyethylene is a plastic polymer that is resistant to moisture and sunlight. Polyethylene is also resistant to corrosion. An industrial barrel supplier sells containers that are constructed of polyethylene.

If you are looking for a viable way to store products for a long or short duration, investing in a series of polyethylene barrels is a cost-effective way to upgrade the manner in which you store goods.

Critical Applications

Industrial barrels typically come equipped with plastic or metal lids. The manner in which a lid is designed will have a bearing on how quickly a barrel can be accessed. Some lid types are better suited for the storage of materials that require an airtight seal. A lid that contains a top lever lock ring will provide an adequate seal. A lid that contains a bolt ring will provide an airtight seal that is superior to what a lever lock ring provides.

Either of these lid styles is suited for the storage of items that must remain in a carefully-controlled environment. Food products and other types of consumables should be stored inside barrels that offer excellent protection from the elements.

Non-Critical Applications

Some products that you store may need to be accessed on a routine basis. A barrel that contains a screw-on lid will allow you to easily open and close a barrel as needed. Materials that will be stored for non-critical applications include non-consumables. Products that will be stored within a climate-controlled environment can safely be placed inside a barrel that contains a screw-on lid.

Barrel Sizes And Colors

Before you order industrial barrels, assess the volume of each material that will be stored inside of a barrel. Examine the sizes of the barrels that are featured through a storage container supplier.

If you need to keep stored materials organized at your place of business, purchase several different barrel colors. The use of different barrel colors will help you keep stored goods classified.

Contact a local industrial barrel supplier, such as J & L Drum Co., to learn more.