Need A New Industrial Boiler? Why Renting May Be The Better Option

16 December 2019
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If you need a new industrial steam boiler, give renting some thought. You might think that you need to purchase a new steam boiler, but that's not the case. You can get the boiler you need without the large expenditure of cash. Here are just four of the reasons why you should be renting your industrial boiler.  Avoid Costly Repairs If you're tired of paying for costly repairs, it's time to consider renting your boilers instead. Read More 

Rental Tips For Businesses Needing Forklifts

26 August 2019
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Renting a forklift will likely require you to consider a number of different factors from rental services and providers. While there are many different considerations that can go into choosing a particular forklift for your needs. Indoor Or Outdoor Units An important consideration when choosing a forklift will be whether the unit will be operated in outdoor or indoor settings. Indoor forklifts are typically less equipped to withstand the punishing weather conditions that are experienced outside. Read More 

What’s In A Bucket? That Depends On What You Need The Bucket To Do!

2 June 2019
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Buckets and pails are as old as time. Before plastic was invented, people used wooden pails and woven reed buckets to haul everything from bread and water to animal droppings. Now, you can get all kinds of plastic pails and buckets from dozens of plastic pail suppliers and bucket manufacturers. So, what is in these plastic buckets? That depends on what you want the bucket to do, or what you want the bucket to hold. Read More 

Has Your Industrial Plant Reviewed Boiler Safety Lately With Your Floor-Level Staff?

12 February 2019
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Is your plant prepared for a boiler emergency? If your boiler's temperature starts to quickly rise dangerously high and it needs to be shut down and the plant evacuated at the same time, does everyone working on the floor know their responsibilities in this type of emergency scenario? As a plant manager, it's important you think about these things well before a crisis happens. If you haven't thought about boiler emergencies in a while, then let today be the day you take some time out of your busy schedule to ensure your plant's employees are prepared and know their roles. Read More